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Firefox ‘work Offline’ Bug in Linux

Posted on: May 2, 2009

firefox This is a major problem that people encounter when using wvdial in Ubuntu . It seems some applications in ubuntu including Firefox web browser starts in offline mode (automatically set) when you connect  to the internet using wvdial . This problem is because those particular applications (including firefox) are tied up with the network manager . Whenever Firefox detects network manager to be disabled it sets itself to offline mode (when using wvdial network manager will be disabled). This basically means that Firefox will refuse to connect to the internet even when the connection is open .

Solution :

Temporary solution:

Make sure to uncheck  File>Work Offline mode every time you open up firefox when using wvdial

Permanent solution :

Alternatively you can set Firefox to start in online mode by default regardless of  Network manager’s status

1) Open up a Firefox window

2) type about:config in the address bar of your FF web browser

It should display a warning . click on the I promise to be safe Button .

3) It displays a number of options in alphabetically order . Go to the browser.offline option and set it as follows

browser.offline userset  boolean false

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