Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ in Linux

Troubleshooting tips for setting up your Reliance Broadband+ connection in Linux

Posted on: May 3, 2009

So you seem to have done everything right and yet your wvdial refuses to connect to the internet ? .  Try using some of the tips/pointers i give below to isolate your problem . (Please make sure to check my first post here on setting up your Reliance internet by configuring your wvdial in Linux)

General trouble shooting tips

-> Have you completed the first time activation procedures for your connection ?

-> Have you unchecked ‘Work offline’ mode  in Firefox ? Otherwise it wont open any web pages inspite of your internet connection being open .(Refer to my previous post here about the Firefox work offline bug).

-> Have you got any other wired/wireless internet connection ? . If so please disconnect/unplug it physically while you are trying to make a connection for the first time .

-> Are you executing wvdial with super user previleges ?

If you still have a problem check the following …..

wvdial Configuration TroubleShooting tips

Open the wvdial configuration file

-> Have you entered the user name and password correctly ?

-> Try varying the Modem option /dev/ttyUSB0 to /dev/ttyUSB2 (This one’s a little difficult , i found mine correctly only after a few trial and errors )

->When you execute sudo wvdial look for the following lines

Modem initialized. (If you get this line , it obviously means that your modem has been successfully detected and wvdial managed to initialize it )

Carrier detected. Starting PPP immediately (This line tells you that it has detected your carrier i.e Reliance)

->Finally make sure that it ends by listing your Primary DNS,secondary DNS,local IP address  . If it does your internet has been succesfully connected !


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what is the first time activation procedure?

Have you completed the first time activation procedures for your connection?

You need to follow certain voice commands and press a few buttons . You will be automatically guided during the activation procedure . You can start using your connection only after you complete the activation procedure , so you ll be instructed by the salesman on how to go about it .

you can do ” sudo wvdialconf” to find the port on which ur modem is connected. it generates the wvdial.conf file contents automatically.

u need not go 4 ne trial n error method 🙂

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