Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ in Linux

Connecting Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ in Jaunty Jackalope

Posted on: May 10, 2009

Jaunty Jackalope

Jaunty Jackalope

ok guys i was told that there is a simpler way to connect your reliance netconnect broadband+ in Linux . I do not know if it works with Ubuntu 8.10 and 8.04 , as i did not have the chance to try it out . I ll update here once i do get the chance . This is possibly the simplest way to connect your Reliance in Linux

This was done in Ubuntu Jaunty using the Huawei 168cĀ  modem


Just plug it in.

“Preferences>Network Connections> Mobile Broadband” should detect “Auto Mobile Broadband CDMS connection”

select the connection to add phone number “#777” and you username/ password, both of which should be your 10 digit phone number.

that is all. choose the connection from notification area and enjoy.

in case it does not work. just try the following command on the terminal.

“sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf” which will
detect the modem and install it for internet connection.


Both the Huawei modems i.e EC 168 and EC 1260 work out of the box in Ubuntu Jaunty JackalopeĀ  ! You can use the default Network manager to install the device .

Cheers !


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Thanks for the info. I purchased the netconnect broadband plus and using it with windows vista, but now I also want to use it with linux.. will surely try your trick


Your welcome ! …… Enjoy your connection

David the wvdial utility no more exist in new distro of ubuntu 9.04. Need help.



You could give Gnome-ppp a try or maybe Kppp if you use Kubuntu . I know it works with Reliance Broadband+ , though i was nt successful in getting it connected . Maybe because i was only making a half hearted attempt at getting it connected through these .Both have a GUI interface and getting it connected through these is actually easier than using wvdial .


I have been unsuccessful in connecting the ZTE MG880 on 9.04. Tried various methods by googling…
can you help ?

My friends who own the ZTE modem said they had some serious problems before they could successfully connect it in Ubuntu . The Huawei modems seem to work out of the box in Jaunty it seems . Hope its the same case with yours .

Try installing it using the default Network manager in 9.04

This did not work for me. I’m using Ubuntu 8.10 – Intrepid Ibex. Any idea how to set Reliance NetConnect Broadband+ with Ubuntu Intrepid?

Cheers !!!
– Jay

There are many ways by which you can set it up in Intrepid . If you find the wvdial method too complicated, you can get it connected by using Gnome-ppp .

You know thts freaking amazing, tht connecting a usb modem to ubuntu requires zero-config. I got a Lenovo s10 with 9.04 loaded onto it, with all the updates.
When I went home this July, I needed an internet conn, my dad got a airtel gprs wireless connection using the micromax usb modem. I knew tht trying get to configure that would take some serious googling. To my surprise, all I had to do was plug it in, and there was a dialgog box asking me what Service Provider the card is. I follwed the steps through, and I had my internet up and running under 1 min. Cheers to the Ubuntu guys to make it so easy.

Yeah , the wireless network managers have had some major updates in Jaunty , beats all other Operating Systems by a mile in this area . They also seem to have put in some extra effort to add competent local support ,it seems nearly all the Indian service providers have been added into their list .

How do I make sure that I’m connected to the High speed network instead if the CDMA 1X network in Ubuntu?

unfortunately i have’nt found a way of setting it to HSD only in Ubuntu .

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