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Hi ,

Finally figured out how the billing systems work  , and now i am really left laughing at my own naivity . FJ was kind enough to point  out in my last post that i was billed only for the first 10 days . So you are billed according to the tariff of the plans you choose and not according to your usage  (as i had first thought) .

I just checked my next month’s bill which does confirm that . I have been billed Rs850+ taxes . which finally comes upto a sum of  Rs 937  .


Hi ,

Just  got my first month’s bill for my reliance netconnect broadband+ connection . I was pretty anxious because in the past some of my friends had said that Reliance may cheat and make me pay some extra bucks by billing me wrong , on top of this i also had not bothered to keep track of my usage .

I am using the 2.5 GB plan which costs me about Rs 850/- per month .So i was really surprised to receive a bill for just Rs 324/- . My usage was recorded as 800 something mb , which  in my opinion is correct , so i had 1.5 GB that i  had not used  . I am not sure how this billing system works , but as i was not  told of any discounts i am guessing that you are made to pay only for the amount of data transfer you used . which is really nice ! will try and confirm this .

PS : I double checked just to make sure that it is indeed my bill and have also payed the same , so its no mistake ! .