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Empathy Instant Messenger

Empathy by default only works with connections that are connected using Network Manager . When using Wvdial Empathy does not detect the network and so does not work . There is a work around for this problem .

Procedure :

Step 1: Open a terminal and enter


Step 2: Go to “apps > empathy”

Step 3: uncheck the box “use_conn”

Step 4: Close the windows

Empathy should detect your Wvdial connection and you should be able to connect to your IM IDs now.

Before you use your Gtalk ID in Empathy you may have to make a few changes for a successful connection .

Procedure :

Step 1: Click “Add” to add a new account .

Step 2: Select “Gtalk” in th Add New drop down box

Step 3: Click on the “Create” button

Step 4: Enter your login and password.

Step 5: Click on the advanced tab

Step 5: Check the Encryption required (TSL/SSL) checkbox

Step 6: Enter “” in the server textbox

Step 7: Click Connect

To delete an account just click on the small bin icon displayed to the right of each account .

Ubuntu 9.10

Ubuntu 9.10

If you have upgraded to (or had a fresh install) of Ubuntu 9.10 you would definitely have encountered many problems and bugs . My advice would be to connect to the internet and perform a full update as soon as you can .

If you are a mobile broadband user , connecting to the internet in itself would be a major problem . The revamped network manager in 9.10 is exceptionally buggy and i have read of a lot of complaints from users (across the world) of having had problems with using mobile broadband .Native support is in-built for almost all mobile broadband ISPs (of India) theoretically and yet practically a lot of them dont work .


Network manager will detect your modem correctly but will refuse to connect to the internet .


A bug report was filed by a Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ user . An update may have been released  by the developers  as many users have reported that the Network manager started connecting to the internet successfully after an update .

So update your karmic Koala using another connection .

Workaround: (Use Wvdial)

If you like me dont have another connection , boot up windows and download the wvdial software for karmic koala install it in ubuntu and use it to connect to the internet and update your system .


1. Download the following files (in windows or any other machine) and install them in ubuntu

If you have an intel processor select the i386 links and in the next page select an Asian server .


2. next download and install wvdial in your Ubuntu


wvdial is installed in your Ubuntu machine !

3. Now follow this guide to setup your connection using wvdial in ubuntu

PS : I am guessing people using the newer Huawei EC1260 modem may have more problems with the network manager .