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Ubuntu 9.10

Ubuntu 9.10

If you have upgraded to (or had a fresh install) of Ubuntu 9.10 you would definitely have encountered many problems and bugs . My advice would be to connect to the internet and perform a full update as soon as you can .

If you are a mobile broadband user , connecting to the internet in itself would be a major problem . The revamped network manager in 9.10 is exceptionally buggy and i have read of a lot of complaints from users (across the world) of having had problems with using mobile broadband .Native support is in-built for almost all mobile broadband ISPs (of India) theoretically and yet practically a lot of them dont work .


Network manager will detect your modem correctly but will refuse to connect to the internet .


A bug report was filed by a Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ user . An update may have been released  by the developers  as many users have reported that the Network manager started connecting to the internet successfully after an update .

So update your karmic Koala using another connection .

Workaround: (Use Wvdial)

If you like me dont have another connection , boot up windows and download the wvdial software for karmic koala install it in ubuntu and use it to connect to the internet and update your system .


1. Download the following files (in windows or any other machine) and install them in ubuntu

If you have an intel processor select the i386 links and in the next page select an Asian server .


2. next download and install wvdial in your Ubuntu


wvdial is installed in your Ubuntu machine !

3. Now follow this guide to setup your connection using wvdial in ubuntu

PS : I am guessing people using the newer Huawei EC1260 modem may have more problems with the network manager .


Hi ,

Just  got my first month’s bill for my reliance netconnect broadband+ connection . I was pretty anxious because in the past some of my friends had said that Reliance may cheat and make me pay some extra bucks by billing me wrong , on top of this i also had not bothered to keep track of my usage .

I am using the 2.5 GB plan which costs me about Rs 850/- per month .So i was really surprised to receive a bill for just Rs 324/- . My usage was recorded as 800 something mb , which  in my opinion is correct , so i had 1.5 GB that i  had not used  . I am not sure how this billing system works , but as i was not  told of any discounts i am guessing that you are made to pay only for the amount of data transfer you used . which is really nice ! will try and confirm this .

PS : I double checked just to make sure that it is indeed my bill and have also payed the same , so its no mistake ! .

So you seem to have done everything right and yet your wvdial refuses to connect to the internet ? .  Try using some of the tips/pointers i give below to isolate your problem . (Please make sure to check my first post here on setting up your Reliance internet by configuring your wvdial in Linux)

General trouble shooting tips

-> Have you completed the first time activation procedures for your connection ?

-> Have you unchecked ‘Work offline’ mode  in Firefox ? Otherwise it wont open any web pages inspite of your internet connection being open .(Refer to my previous post here about the Firefox work offline bug).

-> Have you got any other wired/wireless internet connection ? . If so please disconnect/unplug it physically while you are trying to make a connection for the first time .

-> Are you executing wvdial with super user previleges ?

If you still have a problem check the following …..

wvdial Configuration TroubleShooting tips

Open the wvdial configuration file

-> Have you entered the user name and password correctly ?

-> Try varying the Modem option /dev/ttyUSB0 to /dev/ttyUSB2 (This one’s a little difficult , i found mine correctly only after a few trial and errors )

->When you execute sudo wvdial look for the following lines

Modem initialized. (If you get this line , it obviously means that your modem has been successfully detected and wvdial managed to initialize it )

Carrier detected. Starting PPP immediately (This line tells you that it has detected your carrier i.e Reliance)

->Finally make sure that it ends by listing your Primary DNS,secondary DNS,local IP address  . If it does your internet has been succesfully connected !

Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Huawei EC168C modem

Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Huawei EC168C modem

BSNL became the forerunner in the race to introduce high speed wireless internet in India with its introduction of BSNL Evdo cards and USB modems . Even though their plans were excellent value for money BSNL Evdo’s adoption by people was hampered by their very limited coverage . At this stage two other Internet service providers TATA INDICOM and Reliance decided to unveil their own wireless Evdos .

TATA Indicom’s Photon and Reliance’s Netconnect Broadband+ are similar to each other in many respects   . For one each uses an advanced 3G service so they are capable of  delivering higher speeds ( 3mbps compared to BSNL Evdo’s 2mbps).Both the services also have a better coverage area . But i personally am very impressed with Reliance’s Service . Reliance claimed to have a coverage of over 30 cities and villages . Pretty tall claim . so i decided to put their claim to the test .

Having tested in 2 different cities (Chennai and Coimbatore) i got more or less consistent speeds of upto 1mbps. Pretty impressive for an Indian isp .In both the cities i made a point of testing in the fringe areas (outskirts) of the city .I separately tested using speed test sites as well as Downloads .

Heres a link to one of my Tests using a server based in London (using

(copy paste the URL in your browser’s address bar )


->   Reliance’s Broadband+ service has the largest coverage area . According to them more than 35+ cities and villages .

-> Free Roaming inside India .

-> Consistent speeds in different cities .

-> Highest Download and upload speeds .

-> Monthly packs pretty economical


->  Unlimited night time pack has a capped data limit of upto 10GB only . This Fair Usage policy unfortunately also effects TATA Indiacom Photon’s plans